Memories of a Missionary Priest

By publishing this page, we hope to collect the memories, the encounters, the stories of the lives of the people touched by our beloved Don Mimi. If you have a memory to share, please feel free to post it here on this blog.

5 Responses to “Memories of a Missionary Priest”

  1. A true modern day Guanellian missionary until the last breath. The Guanellian map saw new horizons thanks to his vision. Don Mimmi, did you want to celebrate the joy of Guanella’s sainthood with heavenly choirs of angels? Intercede for us from your heavenly abode. Gabriel

  2. Don Domenico was the first Guanellian priest I encountered in my life. I was a child when I was invited to Fr. Guanella’s house in Fraciscio, first experience for the boys in 1965. I remember Fr.Domenico with great pleasure and gratitude because it was through him that I came to know Saint Louis Guanella and above all thanks to him, I am now a Guanellian religious.

  3. I had an golden oppertunity to live with Fr. Mimi for 10 months in Philippines. He was my model as i just began my priesthood. still i keep all the memories in my mind, the time i spent with him, the advice that he gave and the time we made jokes and the time he shared his experience. he was a good example and model for me. he taught me through his life how a religious priest should be. I am so lucky to live with such a holy person. Don Mimi, i love you and miss you so much. i hope that you always pray for me wherever you are (this is the promise you made to me when i left for VIetnam).

  4. Don Mimì was a man of prayer and a man of service; man of contemplation and man of action. I lived with him for two years at the Major Seminary in Rome. He was my spiritual father. In those two years, he taught me well to walk in the footsteps of the Lord following our beloved founder, Saint Louis Guanella. He taught me how to pray, how to love and how to live as a Guanellian. I admired his wisdom and knowledge, his ability to preach and his openness to all who met him. Thanks a lot Don Mimì and I am sure that you pray for me and for the whole Congregation.

  5. Don Mimi was a joyous priest in our community (Tandang Sora). As I try to recall the days passed, He always smiled everyday…he was a man full of energy and enthusiasm. He made everybody laugh. He was also a man of wisdom…he always shared his life with me when we had time for sharing (EMMAUS WALK). Likewise, he always gave us advice on how to always see Christ in every person we met and be faithful to Him at all times. He also said “When we commit sin, it can be forgiven; but if we make a mistake in choosing our vocation…we will regret it the rest of our lives…that’s why when we know that God called us to a specific way of life…handle it with care just like a precious flower that is fragile…” those are some of the words he uttered when we spent time together…Fr, Mimi thank you very much!

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